Scott’s Art

How Vincent would paint Elsbeth's cabin in the wheat field if he had magic markers

How Vincent would paint Elsbeth’s cabin in the wheat field if he had magic markers.

“Elsbeth Grundy was a loner, and an odd one at that, but company was headed her way whether she liked it or not.”


Annie:  “In polite company, she was known as Annabelle Aster. Being a spirited woman, however, she wasn’t often found in such company as she found it, more often than not, insincere. And also being a sincere woman in every particular, Annie chose her company for the quality of its character, not its rank.”


Cap’n:  (Only known photograph of Cap’n before she was orphaned, Circa 1890)
“Cap’n–adolescent con artist extraordinaire, picker of any lock, leader of Kansas City’s notorious sandlot gang, and unofficial mayor to all its throwaways–plucked a wilted lettuce leaf from her hair as she peered through a break in the pile of rubbish where she was hiding.”


Signpost: “Curiosity overcame her, and Annie made a giddy dash across the field in the direction of the cabin, only slowing long enough to admire a scarecrow that bore a striking resemblance to Mark Twain. Odd, she thought, but not nearly as odd as the wooden sign with hand-painted letters that she passed a few minutes later.  It read: Pawnee County, Kansas. Pop. 673. Five miles due east of Sage as the crow flies.”